Thursday, May 15, 2008


What I like about being pregnant:

* Feeling incredibly blessed
* Little baby kicks
* Feeling the baby move
* Finding out the baby's gender
* Having totally routine, normal doctor visits
* Sharing the news
* The "middle" trimester; no morning sickness and yet the baby moves
* When I finally look pregnant and cute and not just fat
* Baby hiccups
* An excuse to eat fudge
* Not having to watch what I eat (as much)
* Imagining what this new soul will be like
* Calculating how many days or weeks I have left
* Epidurals

What I dislike about being pregnant:

* Throwing up for three months
* Not sleeping well for nine months
* Backaches
* Sharp kicks in the ribs
* The last two awkward months
* Nausea showing up at odd times
* Looking extra fat for the first 4 months
* Extra irritability (see "not sleeping well for nine months")
* Feeling tired (see "not sleeping well for nine months")
* Weird dreams
* Heartburn (not bad now, but horrible with the twins!)

Anything I've missed? What do you like or dislike about being pregnant?


Dan and Marci said...

I like having an excuse as to why I'm not cooking dinner tonight--Or should I day a reasonable excuse--not just something I pull up because I just don't want to! I like the nesting stage at the end when things get cleaned and oranized in my house that I other-wise would never touch. My domestic tendencys are clearly coming through in this comment :) It too love the excuse for the extra calories--and love that it carries over into breastfeeding--humm what could justify them now?? Loved watching my belly roll and move as the baby moved--pregnancy is actually really ok for me--maybe I'll do it again sometime :)

Mommy Matters said...

I love the excitment of it all - waiting to find out if it will be a boy or girl, picking names. I really, really like watching my belly grow, it is so cool and amazing - no matter how many times I've done it!

I hate being so darn tired! And I hate when I get hormonal - so does the rest of my family!


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