Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a fly-by post about things going on

I've been invited to sell my designs at Plain Digital Wrapper. I hope to get some products up there later today, so keep an eye out. =)

TWO offers already

We just listed our house with an agent last Thursday and yesterday we had TWO offers to choose from. Hurray. Hopefully, we'll have a deal wrapped up by the end of today, and this time we hope the people don't flake out at the end.

Poison Ivy -- Grrr.

My arms are covered in rashes, particularly where I got scratched last week by blackberry bushes. At first I thought I was just ultra-sensitive to the blackberry scratches, but when the rashes grew, I figured it must be something else. Sure enough, an internet search confirmed that my beautiful arms are suffering from Poison Ivy exposure. I think I must have gotten exposed when I was clearing some areas of our lot last week. I'm just glad none of the kids seem affected -- all they have are plain old scratches from picking blackberries.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Wonderful news about your house!

I hope your arms feel better.


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