Monday, June 12, 2006

So, anyone want a nice home in Utah County?

On the river?

I did the photos above this afternoon for a flier to put out front with our "For Sale" sign. I also showed it for the first time today. It will be sad to leave this home after 5 years. It was definitely a fixer when we bought it. Outside, there was only grass and it was mostly dead. We put in a fence, a deck, a BBQ pit, a garden, two sheds, and lots of plants to make the yard really shine. Inside, it needed a ton of work. We've redone pretty much everything, plus DH has done a lot of built-ins as well as our beautiful kitchen.

It's been a fun place to live. For most of the summer, the river is very shallow, so the kids go wading a lot. There's a lot of nice breezes and wildlife.

1 comment:

Katie said...

What a beautiful home. I hope you sell quickly and for a good price.


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