Friday, June 09, 2006

I think I need a vacation . . .

because I'm exhausted and need a break. Oh, wait, I just had a vacation and THAT's why I'm exhausted. =) Ever try getting 5 kids to sleep in a single hotel room? Including two wild little two-year-olds? The days were great, the nights were long. We spent Sunday to Wednesday in Southern Utah because my husband had some business there. Monday we spent in Zion's Park. I've never been there before, but I was so impressed. It was beautiful and even though our kids were too young for major hiking, there was plenty to do. We took the riverside walk up to the Narrows -- it was paved, so we could push the stroller, and gentle enough that the other children were able to walk. It was also mostly shaded, and suprisingly cool for a day that hit 107 degrees. After that round trip 2-miler, we headed to what we thought would be an easier hike -- a paved .6 miler to Lower Emerald Falls. It was a much harder hike, there was not much shade, the paving was not very smooth and it was quite steep for pushing a double stroller. The babes fell asleep at the beginning of it, so they missed seeing the beautiful waterfall at the end, but it was nice to have them nap.

Here are some pictures of the kids at Zion's:

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