Monday, June 12, 2006

Good News!

We got our kitchen 99% done on Saturday -- DH installed the last of the doors and the paneling for the fridge. He's done a fabulous job, if I do say so myself. It helps to have a cabinet maker for a husband. =) So our house is ready to sell -- our first potential buyer is coming to see it this afternoon. We've still got a sign out front; we're doing FSBO for now; we've got a unique property on the river, so it should go fast. The only thing I worry about is moving twice -- our new house seems to be one delay after another, so even if we move the closing date on this house to be when we THINK that one will be done, there are no guarantees. But that's life, I guess. At least this will be the last time we have to go through this (right?) as we are planning on never moving again. Please don't remind me of all the times people say that and then later on move -- I need to believe that this will be the last time.


Trish said...

That kitchen rocks!!! Betcha it will sell fast!

Linda Walton aka BobbysGirlForever said...

OUTSTANDING job on the CABINETS Aaron!!! Christina, your home is GORGEOUS - I would LOVE to buy it and live by the RIVER!!! LOVE the WINTER photos ... we will be heading further up the mountains in a few years and will then TRULY experience the FOUR SEASONS!!!

The BEST to you in selling your home ... it should be displaying a SOLD sign in NO TIME!!!



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