Decisions, Decisions

It's been a while since I've posted, and we're still working like mad to get our house ready for sale -- I'm all done decluttering and with major cleaning, and DH just has some doors to finish for the kitchen (he's a cabinet maker when he has time). And this last week we've encountered a new challenge: DECISIONS on our new house -- Lots of them, all at once. We've had lots of delays, including a 3 week stop in work (supposed to resume again next Wednesday), so we assumed we had more time on some of the decisions, too. No such luck. DH & I get the fun and stress of lots of decisions.

First up, was the brick for our home -- not an urgent decision, but DH had to run to Salt Lake anyway, where the showroom was, so we went too. We came back with three choices, which we really debated over. We had wanted a rough-looking red brick, and thought we had found our first choice, until the sales lady showed us some bricks on close-out. The first was only 2 cents a brick cheaper, but it was beautiful. The second was a wopping 18 cents cheaper, and lots redder in nature. We decided on that, both because when I photoshopped a picture of it over our plans, it was more colorful than the others and also because overall we'd save about $600 doing it -- I can never give up a bargain. =) The photo above is the one I made using Photoshop & the line drawing of our house, as well as the brick we chose.

The other big decisions right now are lighting & plumbing fixtures. There's a ton to think through. Wish us luck.


janna said…
Looks Awesome!!!
Trish said…
The house looks great! LOVE the colors you have chosen. I know the decisions are exhausting, but hang in there and keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to GET to make these choices. When we were going through this last year, I felt totally consumed by all of the decisions, but it was so worth it in making the house truly OURS.
Katie said…
What a beautiful home. I remember you saying that you designed it, Christina. You have wonderful talent. I'd love to see a layout of the interior sometime.

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