Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Family Update

I just had to show off this photo of the river near our house. Isn't it magical? I'm grateful to live in such a pretty place.

I realize I also need to do some updates on our family, starting with Joey, who is now insisting that we call him JOSEPH because "that's my real name." We told him we weren't sure we could remember to call him Joseph because he's been Joey so long, so he told us he would write it down for us so we could remember. Funny kid, but he's taking this whole thing very seriously. He's been able to write J-O-E-Y on papers for SO long, and now he's trying out his real name. Every time he signs into his computer game, he signs in J-O-S-E-F. And yesterday, he brought home a paper from preschool with that written across the top. The first few times he typed it in, he told me, "Mommy, I know how to spell Joseph, J O S E F!" I told him that's one way to spell it, and I honestly don't feel that much like correcting him, when he's getting the concept of sounding things out and putting letters together so well. So I guess for now, our Joey is our Josef. I hope he grows into the name.

Speaking of funny, Joey, um, excuse me, Joseph has been asking me to get him a pet piranha. I told him no, but he keeps asking. Last night, he told me if he got one he'd be really careful and would drop things down to it from up high so it wouldn't eat him. LOL.

Lillian's doing well and is happy. She loves school, and her teacher told me the other day how much she LOVES her -- that Lillian is so kind to the other kids, so fun to teach, and that she's always doing nice things for her. That was nice to hear. It's always easier to let someone teach your child when you know they love them.

Michael is a VERY happy boy right now. I bought some fabric a week ago and turned the sewing machine into a woobie factory. I made 8 in all, and now he's become very organized, keeping the clean ones in a drawer and using one at a time, deciding to switch every other day or so. The day I made them, he was beaming and singing, "I'm so happy today! I'm so happy!" and telling daddy and everyone else that now he had lots and lots of woobies. And if you don't know what a woobie is, well, you might just need to check out this layout:

The babes are driving me crazy as usual. Right now, they are both fascinated with everything that goes on in the kitchen, especially when I'm making dinner. Ever try to keep eggs, cheese, noodles, and other lasagne ingredients out of the hands of two 18-month-old twins? It seemed like every time I turned around last night, they had their hands in something. And they seem to have figured out the benefits of tag-teaming their ganging up on mommy. Just as soon as I get one of them away, the other is pushing her chair up to the counter to have a grab. What a fun life I have!

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Joyce aka Little Sugar said...

Wonderful photos! The river does indeed look magical. Lol, you're having the winter weather that we are suppose to be having at this time of the year, not that I'm complaining.
"Joseph" is precious. We called our oldest daughter Diana, "Tootie" for years and years, but insisted on being called by her proper name once she reached jr. high. They grow up so fast, but in our hearts they'll always be Joey and Tootie.


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