Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dynamic Duo

Well, I think we've got the "Dynamic Duo" around here now. It's started already, I'm afraid. This morning I heard what I thought was Michael in the kitchen, getting into the cupboards. I called to him to get out, but he answered from upstairs. Uh oh. I went in to find the twins having a blast. They had opened up a few drawers and found the drawer where I keep the pasta and were surrounded by little bits of spaghetti and macaroni noodles. We cleaned it up together -- Allison even picked up little bits of pasta and handed it to me. Later on, I was with Sarah and some of the other kids when I hear little "pings" in the kitchen. Allison had gotten into our pantry and found a few new toys -- she decided to mix popcorn kernals and whole wheat flour (hey, at least she's healthy), then spilled some of both on the floor.

I don't think I've ever seen anything so sweet as these two babies. Sarah adores Allison, and Allison has been covering Sarah with affection. The other day, Sarah woke up first and was on our bed when DH went to get Allison. When he came in with Allison, they both grinned. He put Allison down, and she immediately crawled over to Sarah and gave her an enormous hug. The past week have been full of hugs and interactions. When we're playing outside, I'll encourage one to go "get" the other, and they are so cute -- Allison will chase after Sarah or vice versa. The sweetest part is that the one being chased won't run away -- she'll just giggle and move toward the one about to "get" her.

I love having the river nearby. This afternoon, I took Sarah down with the older kids and we played while Allison took an unusual afternoon nap. The river has risen about a foot, which means our homemade dam which covers 3/4 of the river is now a pleasant waterfall, and the 1/4 of the river it doesn't cover moves at a fast clip, just perfect for floating. Lillian & Joey love to take their tubes up river a little bit, then float down. I love that the river is usually so low -- up to my knees all the way across.

Lillian decided to do "impressions" at one point. She sat down on a rock and said, "Who am I?" then proceeded to splash and coo and squeal. I correctly guessed Allison. Then she did another impression -- "Who am I?" she said, then she sat down daintily, bent over and touched the water gently, and cooed. I correctly guessed Sarah. It touched me that our identical twins are such individuals, that even our 6 year old daughter knows them by personality. They may look alike, but they each fill a separate place in our home and hearts.

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