Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First Grade

Lillian started first grade last week. Her teacher is brand-new, enthusiastic, and fun. The biggest excitement, as far as Lillian is concerned, is eating school lunch every day. We packed a lunch for her the first day because we hadn't seen a calendar of what they were serving, but somehow, she ended up eating school lunch anyway ("Mommy, the teacher says we can bring the money tomorrow!" she said). She comes home and tells me EVERYTHING she ate, from the roll to the peas to the chocolate milk. She loves having so many choices, and for a little girl who wouldn't eat ANYTHING a year ago, this is great.

Lillian's also cute because she loves to wear her little knit dresses to school. She wore a dress every day the first week, and nearly every day this week. I'm glad I've got such a lady.

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2 in a year said...

Awww school. How fast they grow! She is getting to be such a little lady and I admire all the sweet things she does for her siblings.
I love reading your blog. . .



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