Friday, July 08, 2005

One Year Check Up

Ok, so now that all the intro "purpose of this" stuff is over, here's my first entry, a portion of my journal from last night:

Journal, July 7, 2005
On Tuesday, Sarah & Allison had their one year well-baby check-up. They weighed in small, as usual, Allison at the 3rd percentile and Sarah “under the third percentile.” I asked about Allison walking while Sarah doesn’t and he said to give it another month or so before worrying. I told him I wasn’t too concerned because Sarah wasn’t even trying. I would be more worried if Sarah were trying to walk and couldn’t. The best part about the visit was the empathy displayed by both girls. They both screamed during the weigh-in, then settled in happily to play while we waited for the doctor. When he arrived, I picked up Allison and he approached her. Sarah was a few yards away on the floor and started wailing the minute the doctor touched Allison. Later, Sarah was on my lap while the nurse prepared to give her a shot. Allison was on the floor a little distance away and began wailing as soon as the nurse approached Sarah. I was touched to see them so aware of one another. Whether it was true empathy or a simple calculation that “I’m next,” I don’t know, but I like to think the former.

I’m determined to exercise again. I’ve been doing so much design work in my spare time that exercise has become a second thought. I was doing well, exercising about 3 or 4 days a week up until about 3 months ago, and I’ve fallen off since. Last week, I tried exercising in the morning during Sarah & Allison’s nap, but it just wasn’t working. So many things happen in the morning and the kids are constantly needing something. So I’m back to evenings. On Tuesday, I did Totally Cool Step for 30 minutes, then yoga for 12. Last night, I went for a long walk – 75 minutes at a brisk pace.

Tonight, Sarah walked! She let go, giggled, then got a gleam in her eye and took two steps straight toward me. She did this several times and I was delighted! The neatest part about it was the real decision it took on her part. She knew exactly what she was going to do and then did it. She was so proud of herself, and so aware of what she was doing.

I also noticed another tooth in Allison’s mouth tonight – making three on top and two on bottom for her. Sarah still has just the two on bottom, though two more are starting to break through on top. I’m curious why the difference. Allison has been about a month ahead on getting all of her teeth.

Tonight, Lillian and I were talking on the walk to her violin lessons about Joey. She was saying, “All he ever thinks about is Star Wars and transformers.” I laughed and agreed at first, but then I felt to point out to her that it wasn’t actually true. Joey is often thinking of others. He gives me nice hugs and compliments, and he is very thoughtful of Lillian.

She’s been going to an art class at the library while the rest of us attend storytime and get books and videos. Joey is always looking for movies to get that Lillian will like, whether it’s princess movies or, like this week, “Hello Kitty.” Yesterday, we discovered our slip-n-slide was broken. I told the children we’d have to go to the store and buy a new one. Joey said, “Mommy, if they have a princess one, let’s buy it because Lillian would really like that one.”

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