Monday, July 11, 2005

Family Home Evening

Busy day today. I took the children to the park and worked with Lillian on learning to ride without training wheels on her bike. She and Joey rode their bikes over while Michael stood up between the seats in the double stroller; our new arrangement when he wants to ride and I don't get out the triple. It was a little frustrating teaching Lillian. She spent the entire time worrying more about if I would let go than she did about balancing. I promised her I wouldn't let go, that I would either hold her or the bike the whole time, and that's what I did. Towards the end, I was mostly holding on her back while she rode, and she was getting better, but I think it will take a little longer before she's got it.

Tonight was our family home evening. After Michael led us in a song he made up called "I like cheese things," and Joey led us in "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam," DH gave a great lesson about nutrition, and it was a great success. He brought out a ton of foods and asked the kids to help him name which was bad, then which was good. When he asked Michael to choose something good, Michael ran up and grabbed a can of soda pop and said, "this is good for me!" DH then pointed out that none of the foods were bad, but that too much of many of the foods is bad. He explained about energy and vitamins and the kids were really getting it; all except for Michael. When asked what we should eat a lot of, Joey & Lillian said tomatoes and milk and apples and bread. Michael grabbed a package of M&Ms and said, "I eat lots of M's! They good for me."

After the lesson, Lillian led us in an activity of the pillow game, where we pretend to be different animals. Sarah & Allison LOVED it -- they giggled and shrieked and laughed the entire time.

I finished up my "Taste of Summer" kit today. I just have one kit left to go before I get the CD collection finished. Perhaps I'll start that later tonight; or I might read the last Harry Potter book if I can wrest it away from DH.

Good night, all!


2 in a year said...


Thanks for sharing these pieces of your life. I have enjoyed reading them as well as the journaling on your scrapbook pages. It is wonderful to hear the words of another mother with "twins" and so much in her life. You are such a wonderful example to me. Thanks for being a great friend.


Christina Bartholomew said...

Thanks, Chalice! How kind of you.


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