Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One a Day: August 2017

Senior pictures with my neice

I fell down the stairs, landed hard on a twisted foot and got a huge baseball-size bruise.  I couldn't walk the first day, hobbled the second, but by the end of a week, I felt great again.  Such a blessing, because I thought I might have broken it! 

Day One of Family Vacation:  Exploring the City of Rocks National Monument in Idaho.

Day 2:  Floating the Boise River (Benji and I went to the zoo instead)

Day 3:  The oldest five and my husband floated the Payette River.  The younger ones wished they could have gone, but the rafting tour we chose was for twelve and up.

Day 4:  McCall, Idaho.  We stayed in a little cabin near the lake and rented a jet ski for the afternoon.

Day 5:  Canoeing

Day 6:  Day hike

Beautiful Payette Lake

Heading home

Harmony wanted a picture with her eyes all dilated; we took her to an eye doctor to check on her occasional lazy eye.  He says it is not anything to worry about.

First Day of School for our High School students

First Day for the elementary (Kindergarten started two weeks later)

First Day for the Middle Schoolers

Provo MTC tour

Playing dolls with his sister Cami

Leading the music for Family Home Evening

We drove to Idaho for the total eclipse.  Stunning experience.

Best friends

These three accompanied my husband on nearly all his runs this summer.  Here they are, gearing up for his 20-miler!

A feast prepared for Lillian's last day at home.

Moving into the dorms

Best friends!

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Looks like you're catching up to yourself. :) What a lovely summer you all had!


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