Friday, January 20, 2017

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* I LOVE this classical music mash-up:


A Primer for Understanding Conservatives  "For the conservative, no amount of institutions can ever make man right because man is inherently flawed. We can only hope to mitigate man’s negative impulses, and any attempt to mitigate one negative impulse has the possibility of encouraging another. So we have to ask of any law or program: Are the positives of this legislation going to outweigh any negatives it might introduce? Or, as Sowell puts it, “At what cost?” 


Life Accordian According to Trump.  SO funny, no matter your political persuasion!


* Identical Twins, Separated at Birth and adopted by two different families, are reunited:

* At the first of last year, a new site launched called Book of Mormon Central.  It is intended to be central gathering place of all research on the Book of Mormon.  They have an excellent blog I've followed from the beginning called "KnoWhy," which gives you some knowledge about a particular subject followed by a "why" that it is important.  I've loved reading various articles.  Here's a great summary of the first month's articles.  One of my favorite articles was this one:  What Does the Virgin Mary Have to Do With the Tree of Life?

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