Wednesday, January 04, 2017

One a Day: December 2016

Benji and what all the kids believe is his girlfriend.  ;)

Off to run a 5K Santa Run

We had a group of three deer pass through our backyard.

Helping to make cookies

Joey helped this little gal learn to ride without training wheels!  Big brothers are the best.

I started a daytime book club this year. Moms and kids come and the kids play while we talk.

On the last day of her egg project, Allison took hers to school like this.

A returned missionary friend told us all about her experiences in Ecuador

Benji was super chill about his first haircut

Sarah's gingerbread house

Heading down I-15 to go to California for the week before Christmas. We're trying to make the most of our last year with our oldest.

Waiting in Line for the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios

Santa Run along Huntington Beach

Sand castles

I love that my boys are fighting over the remote in the background. It rained a bit on our trip, leaving us to do crafts and watch movies.

We spent hours at the pool -- who knew it was possible to get sunburned when it's only 60 degrees outside?

Benji woke up at the crack of dawn and joined me for a lot of early morning walks. This was the sunrise one morning!

Cami was pretending to write on some paper and asked everyone, "What do you like about me?" and then scribbled the answer.  Harmony wrote her this great note.

We woke up at 5 a.m. to head home on the 23rd.  This was the sunrise we drove through.

The kids each with their favorite present this year. Lillian couldn't choose so she held Benji, because the announcement of his existence was her favorite gift from two years ago.

Lots of snow

Taking the tree down

Fun six week old Sarah helped me photograph in my studio

We needed a picture with Lillian and her violin for a scholarship application. This one was my favorite.

Happy New Year!


Doug Mellor said...

I like your pictures and your activities


Grandpa Mellor

harmskills said...

Wow beautiful pics! Love the one w the remote fight in the background!


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