Friday, September 16, 2016

Worth a Look: Sunflowers, Trees, And how we can be more like Sam Gamgee


*  Is it too late to share a really cool article about the greatest gymnast of all time?  Just watching some of those flips in slow motion is enough to make my jaw drop.

*  This podcast about the interconnection of forests is fascinating!  From Tree to Shining Tree

Current Events:

*  Hilarious!  Donald and Hobbes (laugh or cry, darn it.  laugh or cry)

*  Is this another "so last month" issue?  On Bathrooms:

*  My views most closely mirror those in this editorial:  Finding-- not forcing -- a balance for transgender rights


*  A Masterpiece on the subject of suffering:  Reflecting on the "Marks of Jesus".  I think I need to read this several more times to absorb it all.

*  Tolkien Alternatives to the 'Benedict Option':
Lastly comes the Gamgee Option. Here are its basic principles: Like Sam Gamgee, we know we are little things, incapable of moving the gears of the great. We know we are not the world’s saviors, but the companions of the world’s savior. We are, rather, the servants of him who walks a sorrowful road of sacrifice. We remember that it is our master’s job to save the world, our master’s to eradicate evil, to root it out, to burn it in the fires of his Sacred Heart. Because we walk alongside our master, his path is ours, and his death may well be ours as well. But our primary job is to be available to our master, to adopt the same humble attitude of Sam, the servant of him who bore the evil of the world, the little hobbit who “knew in the core of his heart that he was not large enough to bear such a burden…[that] the one small garden of a free gardener was all his need and due, not a garden swollen to a realm; his own hands to use, not the hands of others to command.”

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Amber Gregory said...

That comic!!! Nice to hear from you, I bet your life is so busy right now <3


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