Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Makes Me Happy (Wordless Wednesday)

I've been in denial about it, but the last of my spring blossoms are fading away and the first of my summer roses are starting to bloom.  Spring is my favorite season, and I'm a little sad to see its glory fade a bit.  Here are some of my favorite photos of spring from this past month.

Spring means our hummingbird feeder, just outside our kitchen window, gets regular visitors again.

Every spring, we get a week or two of "snow" -- our lovely Siberian Elms shed so much it piles up everywhere and we end up pulling baby trees out of our flowerbeds all year long.  That part of spring I could do without.  It finally dies down for just a few weeks and then the cottonwoods start shedding . . . oh, the joys of living by the woods!


Tiffany Wacaser said...

I love Spring! Your photos are gorgeous. The previous owners of my house planted extensively and each spring it is a treat to see what comes up and blossoms. I seem to notice new things each year. Today I discovered a gorgeous bush spilling over with red blossoms and some irises!

Jenny Evans said...

I love the "snow" in your yard!


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