Sunday, May 01, 2016

One a Day, Weeks 12-17

I'm a little behind in posting.  In March, I helped plan and carry out a wedding plus photographed it, then in April, we've had houseguests twice, spring break, our anniversary and the first of three birthdays in a two-week time span.  I've also had half a dozen photo shoots this month, including a wedding.  

I've been working on trying to figure out how we're going to arrange our summer, with the twins doing a STEM camp at a university nearby for six weeks, my son headed to a leadership camp in New York (the same scholarship camp my daughter was able to go to two years ago), the oldest two with jobs, plus Scout adventures, Girls Camp, an economics conference for Lillian, Daddy trips, reunions, and guests coming to stay with us.  It's a little overwhelming to figure out a daily and weekly schedule that also accounts for the fact that we want to go swimming, hiking, exploring, and get the yard work done, along with having regular meals and keeping up with the laundry.  But I think I've got it almost figured out and I'm looking forward to the variety and fun of summer.  My children have been blessed with so many wonderful opportunities.

Some of my son's famous flies he spends hours tying

He learned to pull himself to a stand; though usually, he's a bit more happy about it than in this picture

St. Patrick's Day

Do you get the idea that we love Benji around here?

This pulling up on stuff comes in handy when you want to get at the toys

I love that this shirt was in the hand-me-downs we were given for Benji.  Suits him, don't you think?

Beautiful Hailey and Nolan.  We did the Bride and Groom photos the night before the wedding

Wedding Day!  These two did not stop beaming the whole day.

Harmony and her friend; we did baptism photos for her.

I am usually on top of our regular laundry, but with the crazy busy-ness of the wedding weekend, I got behind.  So we watched the Messiah while I folded clothes on Sunday.  It's not REALLY breaking the Sabbath if the Messiah is on while you fold, right?  :)

Spring in our yard!

That's more like it -- the usual look Benji gives us when he pulls to a stand in his crib.

Yay for out-of-town guests!

For April Fools Day, these two dressed alike, did their hair alike and tried to see which of their friends could really tell them apart.

We love the Goodricks!

Spring Break meant time for working . . .

And two days of rockhunting.  The first day involved finding these awesome fossils.

Spring in our yard delights my soul

Our second rockhound adventure involved three spots, including an agate spot, wonderstone, and a mine dump

Love how he's starting to cruise around

Did I mention I adore spring?

Love these kids on a Sunday morning

A couple of ducks stopped by our backyard.

Crazy Hair Day at school

Heading off to a birthday party

My oldest and youngest

Joey messaged his favorite fishing show and ended up being filmed the next week for a half hour show.  He showed the host his favorite fishing spots and had an amazing time!
This picture makes me smile.  Joey and Benji have such a strong bond.

I love our dozens of tulips!

This mother duck delighted Sarah and I in the midst of doing two photo shoots

Watching this hawk tear apart its meal in our backyard was surprisingly fascinating.


This kid is nine months old!  I don't go for mohawks usually, but it's the only hairstyle where he actually looks like he has hair instead of being mostly bald.

Playing around after Family Home Evening.

Happy Birthday to our oldest!

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Jenny Evans said...

Love all the pictures, as usual. A theme seems to come up: Benji is a very lucky guy!


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