Monday, December 07, 2015

An 11-year-old visits Maui

I'm writing up my own tale of our journey to Hawaii last month, but I figured you might enjoy hearing what Allison wrote:

 This is my report on Hawaii. I loved Hawaii.  This is my list of my favorite things I did in Hawaii (not in order).

1. I snorkeled and saw a lot of fish.  The variety was extraordinary. I swam with turtles, There was a giant one that came up a lot and I swam with it.  It was AMAZING.  I saw a moray eel with daddy and it was about two feet long.

2. I caught over 30 geckos. They were everywhere.  You could not walk one minute without seeing at least one outside of our hotel.

3. I caught three frogs.  They were so tiny they were adorable.  They had mud all over them so they looked just like little blobs.

4. I caught lots of crabs and most of them were lots different than the crabs that I am used to seeing in California. I caught a really cool fish that was blueish green.

5. I saw lots of waterfalls and one really big one that we had to hike to see.  The path was treacherous and really overgrown.

6. I ate a roasted pig that was really good and saw a fire dancer at a luau.

7.  We went out to eat at least once every day.  My favorite restaurant was Slappy Cakes, where they gave you the pancake batter and you cooked it yourself on the griddle in the middle of the table. I made a smiley face one.

8. There was a giant pool at our resort which was basically like 20 interconnected pools that we went to a lot.

9. I saw four chameleons (one was a dead one and the other three were in captivity, I know lots of people who saw wild ones.

10. We went to the beach a lot to watch the sunset, and I collected seashells, which I left behind.

11. We went to the beautiful sunrise at Mt. Haleakala which was a really high mountain.  I thought that Hawaii could not be cold -- you could walk out in your bathing suit at night and not be cold -- but it was so cold up there I had to wear a coat and I was still cold.

12. I loved all the amazing fun hikes we did, like the one in the bamboo forest which was so extraordinary.

13. We went on an amazing fun boat tour where they served us drinks and food during the boat ride over to the snorkel spot where the visibility was amazing and I saw the moray eel and many other fish. I got to drive the boat.

Hawaii is awesome!

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