Friday, August 14, 2015

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

Current Affairs:

This is Why I Don't Like Planned Parenthood

Four Reasons Why I'm Not Boycotting the Forty Companies on that List

Why We Feel Better if We Care About Cecil the Lion

In Zimbabwe, We Don't Cry for Lions   I personally have a hard time seeing how hunting a lion in Africa is worthy of being a hobby or how someone can get a thrill from killing something.  However, I also think the internet lynch mob calling for human blood is more frightening.

14 Things Everyone Should Understand about Guns I'm not a huge fan of guns in general, but I found this educational and interesting, and I learned things I didn't know.


32 Maps to Teach You Something About the World

Live Webcam to watch bears catch Salmon in Alaska (pretty awesome!)


Travel Photography in Myanmar

Seeing Chicago Above the Clouds

Five Incredible Storm Photographer's Best Images


10-20-30 Interval Plan

Made Me Laugh:

11 Comics about Kids' Plugged-In Lives

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