Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Nine Days to Go

before my probably induction date!  I'm so beyond ready to have a baby at this point.  I'm uncomfortable, waking up with contractions at night and having more during the day.  I'm carrying so high, my uterus is pushing into my rib cage and my back pain continues on and off all day long.  There's just not a lot of room left, and I'm anxious for this pregnancy to be O.V.E.R.  Oh, and meet our baby, of course.
36 weeks
Overall, though, I'm trying to be extra patient and grateful that for the most part, this pregnancy has been pretty easy.  I'm still amazed that my morning sickness was almost non-existent thanks to Diclegis, and it gives me hope that my seven daughters might be able to avoid three months of misery when they have children.  And I've been able to be very active and healthy physically throughout, from running a 10K at 20 weeks to continuing to exercise 5-6 days a week.  I'm still walking 2-3 miles several times every week, so I have hopes that bouncing back into fitness and running won't be too difficult.

Two weeks ago, I had tons of energy and got caught up on lots of clean-out projects, from tackling the family office and various storage areas to re-caulking my shower (particularly proud I figured out how to do that one!).  Unfortunately, my energy levels have been super low since then even as I still have one or two more projects I really want to finish before baby comes.  Where's that nesting energy when you need it?

In other news, this summer has been wonderful.  My kids have had wonderful experiences and opportunities (more on some of those later), we've had a good schedule of activities and chores that has run smoothly, and my plan to never cook again  teach my children competence in the kitchen is really paying off.  Seriously, I've cooked maybe three meals all summer long.  The others have been willingly and happily cooked by kids who are quite competent.  Michael, especially, is quick to jump in and offer to cook when someone is not available to take their night.  I love having big kids!  

I've enjoyed having less of some chores on my plate, though I'm still plenty busy, much of it just managing all the running around and getting people where they need to be.  I've found that with older kids, I have more and more flexibility in the summer -- there's almost always someone at home who can be left in charge while I run errands or take kids somewhere -- I just have less free time, as I'm managing so many different schedules and pitching in to help with the work.  So this blog has fallen by the wayside for the most part.  I do hope to do a big "here's what's been awesome about this summer so far" post before the baby comes.  So stay tuned for summer news and baby news!


rachel said...

Very exciting to hear baby is almost here!

Jacki said...

Exciting! Good luck this next week and delivery. I can't wait to hear the news.

Julie Hess said...

Yay!!! Hoping for the very best for you!

Amber Gregory said...

You look great and I am so happy your summer has been going well! Good luck with everything coming up! :)


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