Friday, May 01, 2015

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

On Free-Range Parenting:

What Would My Mom Do?  (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside) part free-range parenting, part a critique of our over-parented children and advice to RELAX a bit.

Good Cause:

I'm thinking about doing this with my wedding dress:  Tender Mercy Angels.  Mine is special to me because my mom made it, but the style isn't likely something any of my daughters would wear.  What would you do?

On Photography:

This picture is an awesome way for beginners to begin to understand the effects of shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO.  The short article also explains it well:


You Had a Baby?  This is How You Get Your Body Back from the smart ladies at Beauty Redefined, who refuse to buy into our culture's obsession with looks and thinness.

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