Monday, April 02, 2012

Ten Pounds Down!

March has been good to me. I set four goals at the beginning of the month:

1. Kneel to pray morning and night
2. Take a picture every day
3. Track everything I eat using Weight Watchers
4. Exercise for at least 15 minutes six days a week

I had great success with 1, 3, and 4. Getting the camera out? I think I get a 30% on that one.

My days have gone better with more meaningful prayers. I prayed before, but not always on my knees. Finding the quiet time morning and night to really think and pray has made a huge difference in the quality and tenor of my days.

As for #3 and #4, I'm thrilled to report that I met both goals! With a little help from Weight Watchers and more self-control than I knew I had in me, I lost ten pounds this month.

Here's me at the beginning of March, two weeks after giving birth:

And here's me ten pounds lighter, just last week (aren't you impressed I'm dressed in the same outfit?):
Just four pounds to go and I'll be back where I was last summer, when I ran my marathon:
Then it's just 25 lbs or so until I'm where I want to be. It feels so great to have a plan and to be making progress.

As for goal #4, the exercise one, I have been so happy by my quick progress back into running. I hadn't run since November, and I thought it would likely take all month to build back up to three miles. When Cami was 2.5 weeks old, I was able to run a mile on the treadmill with just a few short walk breaks. Not long afterwards, when she was three weeks old, I was able to run a slow but steady three miles! I've been running between 3 and 4 miles four days a week ever since. I'm slower than I was, and my muscles feel out of practice, but it's feeling wonderful to be getting back in shape.

I'm aiming for this half marathon in June (want to join me?). The main obstacle I'm worried about, ironically, is not the miles -- 13.1 seems like such an easy distance in my mind now, such a contrast from my fears last year. Rather, my main concern is Cami. I don't know if she'll be able to go four hours between feedings by June. But I'm training as if she will, and I suppose the back-up plan could be for me to take a quick "feed the baby" break halfway through (or maybe -- novel thought -- we could try a bottle?).

I've set four more goals for April and I'm hoping to have more success on the scale. Wish me luck!


Dan and Marci said...

Good Job! You are looking great. I'm impressed by although not surprised by your determination and commitment! I know is is much harder than it looks or sounds! Keep up the good work.

Angie said...

Yeah! You're awesome and dedicated and a great example to me. Go get 'em!

Maryanne said...

Awesome job! I'm so impressed. I'm doing WW right now too and am loving the free fruit and (most) veggies. I'm hoping this week I'll hit 15 lbs lost, but it's taking me a lot longer.

KAM Chapman said...

Way to go! I am hoping to figure my time out to start training again. Not for a marathon, but for a 5K. I've never been a runner, but there is room for change!

Tristan said...

Great job!

I fell off tracking with WW while in survival mode with all of Mason's doctor's appointments and then family in for a MONTH. They've gone home and Mason's appointments are never going to stop so I need to just get used to that and get back to WW and exercise. That's my goal this month - writing my food and doing something for exercise every day but Sunday. It won't be running though...LOL! I've never enjoyed running and tend to get fractures in my feet.

Good luck on a new month of goals!

bjahlstrom said...

That's fantastic!

Kelly said...

Way to go! I love that you're wearing the same clothes so it's very apparent how amazing you're looking. Keep it up! You're an inspiration!

Mama Rachel said...

Woooo! Great job and looking good! :-D

Unknown said...

So excited for you! I have to ask though - cause I'd love some advice, when do you find time to work out? We have 4 kids and swear they hear the treadmill turn on and everyone needs something right now! You know, like whenever mom picks up a phone. =)

Anyway, just some ideas on when and how you manage to work it in would be excellent!



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