One in a Million (Wordless Wednesday)

Sarah's picture is now on the main page of!
(Edited to add: It looks like the home page was changed again -- Ah! the fleetingness of fame -- but you can see her photo on the archive page)

I've submitted a lot of photos over the past few months for the Church to use
(if you're a photographer, you can submit yours too.)

I love that they chose a more casual photo of Sarah to use to direct members to a new feature: slideshows and videos introducing a few of the one million Primary children all over the world, "One in a million."

You may also remember that a photo of Allison and Sarah together are being used on this page with the fitting caption, "God knows us individually and loves us more than we can comprehend."

Sarah's thrilled that her photo was being used, and insisted on having her hair put into two ponytails on Sunday and Monday, "Because I look so cute with two ponytails." I hope the fame won't go to her head. =)

She let me take her picture yesterday -- here are a few of my favorites.

Twenty minutes after we went back inside, she lost that front tooth. We went back outside to get another photo of her new smile.
She's certainly one in a million!


Corine Moore said…
LOl! :D Oh, that just made me giggle! Good for you for submitting, and good for Sarah for enjoying her new fame! :D
Courtney said…
That is so exciting! Way to go!
Corri said…
What fun! She is so adorable! (And the two ponytails is a really great look for her!)
Natalie said…
I love that she has worn her hair the same way because she looks so cute=) You can see the confidence in her eyes! She IS so cute and I love the pictures. Hope to see you on Friday...we're starting to venture out a little more if everyone is healthy and I'm feeling brave=)
Jacki said…
super cute! Congrats.
John said…
That is so cool!!! and really cute pictures too.
Tiffany Wacaser said…
You have such beautiful children. I love the photos that were picked for the website!
harmonie said…
I saw it the other day when I was preparing for a lesson! I was very excited to see a "familiar" face. :)
Maryanne said…
I saw her on there too! Such a cute picture and so fun to be surprised by a familiar face.

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