Monday, February 22, 2010

Q&A: Obama

from Sandi:
I would love to know your opinion on President Obama and his plans for the future of America.
Oh man, now I have to address politics on my blog? =)

I usually shy away from that, not because I don't have opinions (I do, lots of them!), but because I have too many and I don't want controversy.

But since you asked, I'll give you a few thoughts.

I'm of the opinion that things that don't work for a household will not work for a country. So, let's say a family is deeply in debt and has lost the value of many of its investments. The best thing to do? Tighten the belt, restrain from unnecessary spending, cut back on outside activities, be creative and maybe take some drastic measures (downsizing a home, taking an extra job) to stay afloat financially.

If a country -- or state (hello, California!) -- is deeply in debt and losing the value of its investments, then it is also time for some real discipline and restraint. It is not the time to be expanding government programs or increasing the national debt. It's a time to take a good hard look at what programs could be cut and realize that we simply can't afford some things. It bothers me greatly that my children will be paying for things the government is purchasing and promising today. It also bothers me that most of our national debt is owed to China, since they are the ones who are buying our treasury bills.

And I know it's not just Democrats who are at fault. No one likes to be the voice of caution, the penny-pincher limiting each person to five pieces of candy at the government pinata. It's too easy to see how people are hurting and think, "We ought to do something about this." But the truth is, government cannot and should not be the solution to every problem in the world. Too often, government solutions are clunky, wasteful, bureaucratic messes.

On the bright side, I do think Obama has two very cute kids!


Pam said...

I have the same view on the matter. Interesting that such simple things bring about the greatest rewards.

Norah said...

I so agree with you. However so many people are putting the blame on the current president for everything that is wrong yet most of our problems stem from the previous administration. I'm not a fan of either the current or the former president but to place the whole blame for everything that is wrong on the current one is wrong. Sorry the conservative president that left a year ago is as much to blame as the current one and thanks to his war even more to blame.

Sandi said...

Thanks for answering.

Mostly Diane said...

Check this out, for a statement on the Obama administration by some British Conservatives:

I also think it is good to pray for the president especially when you don't agree with what he is doing.

Stacey said...


famr_4evr said...

I'm glad you were asked this question and not me. I agree with you on this. I also agree with Diane that we should be praying for the leaders of our country so they can be guided on how to lead this nation.

Rachel said...

I personally hold the same views and also agree that our past president wasn't so great at restraint either. It's a tough one. I think a lot of blame also lies with people who want the government to do everything.

On the other hand, I really do admire Obama's dedication to his family. Plus I admire the fact that he worked hard to get where he is at now.

Jacki said...

I think you put it nicely. Politics is hard to talk about. And I agree with the other comments, that it's not just the current administration. It would be nice to find someone who would be willing to take the bad reputation for cutting programs etc. I think eventually we'd all thank them.

Mommy Matters said...

Well said!


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