Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well, he's not dead yet . . .

Allison rescued a mouse on Tuesday from the clutches of our cat. His prospects weren't looking so great. He was cute, healthy, and active, but he was also very small, so young that his eyes aren't even open yet. We've been feeding him formula from a dropper (you know, that free stuff they send you in the mail even though you're breastfeeding?), and Allison loves him with all her heart. In her prayers Tuesday night, she said, "Thank you I caught a mouse, and please bless him not to die."

So far, so good. Allison is in charge of the mouse, but I've made Joseph responsible for feeding him every few hours because I'm not totally stupid. Allison is very enthusiastic but a bit too much enthusiasm could kill little Scampers.

Watch the video to hear Allison describe her mouse-catching technique:


Anonymous said...

I love this story. So sweet!
I hope the baby mouse does ok.
Are you going to let the kids keep him or will you let him go free once he can feed and look after himself? Do you think the young ones will understand if you decide to let him go?
Best wishes to everyone xx

Christina Bartholomew said...

Good question! I haven't a clue what we're going to do long-term. As long as he doesn't stink or make huge messes, I guess we'll keep him. I think the kids would be okay if we let him go, though (somewhere far away from the cats). They've caught snakes in the past and I'll let them keep them for a few days and then they're good about "letting them go back to their families."


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