I've got projects to tackle everywhere and I can't seem to catch up this week (this week? what am I saying? I can't seem to catch up this year!). I spent two hours this morning folding laundry, then another hour to straighten the kitchen and take a load to D.I.

But it seems like everywhere I go, there's another pile to take care of. Right now, I've got:

a messy office to tackle,
laundry room shelves to organize,
pictures to put in empty frames in the family room,
pictures to put up in the nursery,
the spring wardrobe shuffle to arrange (long-sleeve shirts to put away, shorts to pull out, lists to make of who needs what),
a van that needs to be cleaned out and vacuumed,
a garage to organize and sweep out (but can't do very much w/o DH's help)
lots of little home repairs to handle (but can't do much w/o DH's help)
a DH who isn't very available to help
a messy storage area
floors to mop
presents to buy for a wedding and baby shower this weekend
computer projects to finish, such as our family's 2008 scrapbook
weeds to pull,
garden to prep,
lawn to mow,
outdoor toys to sort,
a to-do list that is more of a "wish I had time to do this" list
(edited to add: I just remembered two more things to add to the list: I have to get the twins' kindergarten papers filled out and the fridge cleaned out)

So, of course, when I found strawberries for $6.99 a flat this morning, I bought three flats. Because who doesn't have time to make freezer jam for her family?

(And lest I sound like I'm whining I should say this: I realize that when I look at the overall picture, I am able to do the most important things. My children are healthy and happy and my house is fairly clean, though not always picked up and organized the way I want it to be. My children are learning to be responsible, helpful, loving and kind. We enjoy doing things together. DH is not available for extra projects right now, but that's because he pulls his fair share of the workload around here -- parenting, putting kids to bed, spending time with the kids, cooking on weekends -- in addition to his demanding career.

It's just that when there are seven kids under ten, organizing a house is like shoveling the walks during a blizzard. The moment one corner of my life is the way I want it, three other corners demand attention. It's just the way it is. I know it won't always be that way, so I try not to, well, complain. )

And now I'm off to do what any mom whose eight-month-old still doesn't sleep through the night would do: settle the kids for quiet time and try to get a nap.


Michelle said…
good for you--taking a nap!

I almost got a nap--2 weeks ago from last Monday :)

I have a very similar list, and I am not complaining either--it is just frustrating at times not being able to be super, wonder-woman & do it all!

maybe I'll get a nap tomorrow! (my little one doesn't sleep either)
Wow! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and then I read your blog entry. I am feeling much better now. Thanks! (It is all in the comparison.:-) I loved your comment about taking care of seven kids was like shoveling in a blizzard.

And uyou are welcome on the story about my daughter Camille. I am glad you liked it.
3in3mom said…
Wow, so glad I read this today. I was feeling like it was a blizzard. . . when probably it's just a light sprinkle in reality. You are such a great source of calmness for me.

Hang in there--you do such a great job!

ps I got the most 'peace' about the husband thing. I do need to be so grateful that, like your husband, he is so good about giving his time when he can.
Sounds like my life -2 kids! Life is so crazy and before you know it time has flown...good for you taking a nap!
I know how you feel! Hopefully we can both get through our lists (wishfull thinking lol) we should do another play date soon to destress a little!
Mommy Matters said…
A blizzard! So well said!! I've been trying to find the words to describe what my life has been feeling like for the last ...few years... I guess now you're going to tell me summer ins't coming either!?
Lana said…
LOL- I think you just described my day today. You are so cute!!
Jacki said…
Yea- I'm behind too... my kids have been pretty sick, so that always makes the list grow!!
Hope you enjoyed your nap!
Wendy said…
Oh I hear you !!! I think my list is about the long and then some too. Let me know if you want any help... I could help you somehow!!!

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