Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Stories (More than you wanted to know)

#1: Yesterday, we hosted a bridal shower at our house. One of the guests brought her baby girl. When Sarah saw her, she squealed, "Oh, you have such a cute baby!" Then she watched the baby for a few moments before stating, "But she's not as cute as OUR baby."
I didn't get a picture of the OTHER baby, but here's another picture of Harmony. Don't you think Sarah has a point?#2: Eliza loves all her animals and sleeps surrounded by at least twenty of them. She takes good care of them, too. Here she is feeding one a nutritious snack:
#3: I was nursing Harmony in the nursery the other day when Sarah walked in.
"Are you feeding Harmony?" she asked
"I wish I was a twin baby and could eat like that."
"Well, I did feed you like this when you were little, but you're a big girl now."
"Yes," she said sadly, "but I've forgotten what it tastes like!"


3in3mom said...

Sweet little stories.

I think every child is lucky that has a Mommy that loves them purely and completely as you love your darling children.

Misty M. said...

LOL!!! Thanks, I loved the stories.
My son (3)told me this week maybe he has a baby boy in his tummy. (we visited one recently) and then he seemed sad that he and daddy can't have a baby boy in their tummies. He quickly got over it however.

Shandy said...

Those are hilarious!!! LOVE the one where she told the lady her baby wasn't as cute as Harmony! (and I'd have to agree... that pic of her is DARLING!!)
Also - I see you were just here in Boise - how fun...
and glad to hear that your dad is doing better (it's always sad when our mom or dad isn't doing the best health wise...)

Wendy said...

LOL!!! Christina that is funny!!! Only in Utah have I seen little kids play "breastfeeding" pretend. Cracks me up!!! And "I forgot what it tastes like"

That's priceless!!! Something to make you laugh for years to come, I'm sure.

Joy For Your Journey said...

So cute! I love the things little kids say. They are so sweet and make me smile. And Harmony is beautiful--as are your others. How blessed you are!

Jason & Meradith Christensen said...

Haha! Those stories are hilarious! I dont think they're more than any of us want to know:) You will be so glad you have them recorded! Your twins are so stinkin funny.

Lindhardts said...

I wish I had wrote down more stories from my other kids. I love the "my baby is cuter than yours!" She knows who is cute!!

Nickie said...

Hey, I don't have your email. I was supposed to keep that little bit of info a secret. Just forget. Also I like your tracker, I'm adding it to my site.


alligood said...

I love it when people share funny/cute thing their kids do! It always makes me smile and laugh. I love the photo of Eliza nursing her 'baby'. So cute!


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