Monday, February 23, 2009

I have six other kids, you know . . . (about Lillian)

It's fun to go to the library and meet other moms. Usually, the twins are at preschool when I go, so I have just Harmony and Eliza with me. I'll be visiting with another mom when she'll say something like, "So you just have two girls?" and I'll say, "No, I have five girls . . . " then I'll pause while their jaw drops a bit, and I'll add, ". . . and two boys."

I realized that most pictures I've posted lately have been of Harmony. Did you know I have six other kids? Want to know more about them? I thought I'd post a little bit about each of them, starting with Lillian:


Almost 10

Hobbies & Interests:
Piano, Violin, Travel, Cooking, Reading

Most Likely to:
* be responsible with anything and everything,
* keep her room neat
* help without being asked
* insist on pushing the stroller when we're out for a walk
* save her money
* be the best babysitter on the planet
* be a peacemaker

Least likely to:
* Procrastinate
* Forget to finish homework, practice piano or violin
* Get to school late
* be found coloring

Sometimes gets in trouble for:
* being bossy with her siblings
*being impatient
* panicking over things not being perfect
* freaking out about small things

Likely Future Career:

Music Teacher
Anything she puts her mind to

My favorite things about Lillian:
* She is absolutely responsible with anything I ask her to do. She almost never has to be reminded about her chores.
* She loves to cook.
* She's kind and loving, and fun to be with.
* She likes to do puzzles with me.
* She's got a great sense of humor.
* She's wonderful with her brothers and sisters.
* She is eager to help. She loves reading to the twins, and holding Harmony.

Want to play along? Introduce each of your kids along with the description "Age:" "Hobbies:" "Most likely to:" "Least Likely to:" "Sometimes Gets in Trouble For" "Likely Future Career" and "My favorite things about _______" Let me know when you've posted so I can read about your kids, too!


April J. said...

What a great idea!

swedemom said...

I love Lillian. She is an absolutely delightful girl. In fact, if arranged marriages were still kosher, I'd beg you to arrange a marriage between Walter and Lillian.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I loved meeting your daughter Lillian through your blog. She sounds like the perfect first child--loves to cook, worries about everything being done just right and is a big helper. I also loved your post on large families. We had 8 in my family and I love that there are that many of us. I have five children and wish we could have had many more. Some of my happiest times are when I am with my kids. I love being with them and we have a great time together. And they have become even more fun as they have gotten older.

I will also tell you that when your kids start leaving home you will be so thankful for those that are younger, and no matter how many you have, you will wish there were more. What a wonderful blessing family is. Thanks for taking the time to express that in your post. It was very beautifully done.

Lisa6Kids said...

I get that a lot too. i am very young looking and when I am out with jillian I get a lot of "Is she your first?" Or even the 'Just wait until she's older..." It's fun to get the glint in my eye and explain she is the youngest of six.


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