Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About Joey


Hobbies & Interests:
comics, inventions, piano, scouts, exploring, reading, science, rocks, outdoors

Most Likely to:
* Draw comic pages and invention ideas
* Explore the woods
* Ride his bike like a maniac
* Draw pictures for his siblings
* Be kind to Eliza and Harmony
* Argue about jobs he's asked to do
* Give his mom sincere hugs and appreciation
* Apologize sincerely when he's been in the wrong (but not until several hours later)
* Be polite and respectful to his teachers and leaders
* Conquer the world with his determination and stubbornness

Least likely to:
* clean his room
* remember what he's asked to do several minutes later
* clean out his backpack
* get in trouble at school
* refuse to eat something (he's our best, most adventurous eater!)
* complain about being tired, even on hikes and adventures

Sometimes gets in trouble for:
* fighting with Michael
* arguing
* talking back, especially about chores
* procrastinating chores or doing a half job

Likely Future Career:

Business Owner
All of the above put together?

My favorite things about Joseph:
* Joseph is an absolute joy to take on vacation. He loves to explore the world and learn everything about it. He's curious and interested, and therefore, always interesting.
* Joey loves to learn.
* Joseph's teachers love him. He's polite and always thanks them for what they do for him.
* Joey is very honest and is a good sport.
* Joey really loves me and expresses it through hugs and thank yous.
* Joey is a very tender and loving big brother. He adores Eliza and Harmony and loves reading to the twins and Michael.
* He is very creative and is always up for an adventure.


3in3mom said...

awww, I love this idea! You have some sweet children. . . a true wonderful reflection of their kind parents.

Michelle said...

what a great idea--I will do that in the near future!

it's fun getting to know your family better.

Kacy said...

Joey's neighbors love him too.


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