Friday, January 30, 2009

I take it back

After two hours of handling 80 lbs. of fresh chicken breasts (99 cents a lb. today only), cutting off fat and putting it in freezer bags, I'm not finding this whole "preserving food" thing so satisfying. It sure is nice to have a year's worth of chicken in the freezer, but the process is just disgusting.

But I did get another batch of apples done, and my house smells divine.


Wendy said...

My sister in law got two cases of chicken and her and my mother in law are pressure canning the meat. I wish I only had the money right NOW so I could have done that too. Maybe another time. ANd yes, it is disgusting -- preparing the meat. YUCK.

Jacki said...

Raw Chicken- YUK! Something I've done with it is to boil it- LOTS at a time and then chop it up (I even use a food processor to chop it. then I measure a cup and put in in baggies to freeze. This way I have cooked chicken ready for casseroles. It makes dinner prep so much faster. I do the same with ground beef.
Thanks again for your meal planning tips. I've got my 4 weeks of dinners and sides figured out now- I just need to make shopping lists.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Just wear surgical plastic gloves and listen to your favorite CD, and it's not so bad :-)
Not Entirely British

Emma and Mommy said...

I have the perfect advice for this. Get the husband to do it! LOL

My mother in law makes great fried chicken (something I refuse to make, I am terrible at it and was raised away from fried foods)but she hates cutting it up and touching it so when my husband asks her to make him chicken she insists he do the cutting!

I love chicken though, I wish we could get a good deal like that. My husband even works in the meat dept at walmart so I don't miss big sales like that when they happen.

Our little family said...

Is 80 pounds really all you use in a year?? I think we probably eat that much in a year. I usually buy a 40 pound box about twice a year. But chicken is the only meat we eat. And yes, it is disgusting. I just do it all after the kids go to bed, then I get out the clorox wipes and clorox spray and spray EVERYTHING. Rusty thinks I'm OCD, but it helps me feel better about all the nasty raw meat. :)

Ambrosia said...

Where did you find it for .99/lb? I know I am 3 months late but I smile with delight when it goes on sale for 1.19 or 1.29/lb. I'd go nuts if it was .99/lb. I just ran out of our 40lb box and am waiting patiently to buy 80lbs at 1.29 or less. I was lucky to find some for 1.69/lb to get me thru the next couple weeks. Ok..i am rambling..dh and I pkg it together after the kiddos are in bed. Clorox wipes are my best friend, raw chicken doesn't gross me out though.


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