Monday, December 15, 2008

Bright Spots in Dark Times

It's been an emotional, exhausting week for me. I spent Sunday through Friday in Boise, helping my parents through an experience that is beyond difficult. They are living in their worst nightmare as my dad struggles with a debilitating illness.

I took Harmony with me to Boise -- a nursing mother and her infant are not easily parted -- leaving the other six children in the very capable hands of their father, my mother-in-law, and a few neighbors and friends. DH scaled back his work schedule this week, my mother-in-law came for two days, and a few friends helped out here and there. In my preparations to leave, I was grateful to realize just how many friends I could call on, so many that I didn't even call half of them to help.

Harmony, by her very presence, helped in a small way to relieve the burden at my parent's house. She gave my dad something to smile at and my mom something fun to focus on. So it was more than significant, at least in my mind, that Harmony chose this week to learn a new skill:

No, not crawling, though she does scoot around in circles and move a few feet after toys. Nope, this little barely-four-month-old is up on her knees and rocking! Pretty amazing, and a good reminder that there are bright spots even in the darkest times.

For those who want to see more of my amazing little girl, here's a video of her new skill:


Lindsay Ruiz said...

Harmony is super girl. My almost nine month old Julianne still doesn't do that. I'm glad you were able to go and help with your Dad. I'm sure you brightened their home during your stay.

alligood said...

Yea, Harmony! Isn't it amazing how such joy the simple development of a child can bring to an otherwise bleak situation? I find so much happiness in being a mother and watching my children grow, develop and change.
I hope that things with your father get better. It's wonderful that you were able to go be with your parents to help and lift them at a difficult time. I'll say a prayer for him.

Heidi said...

I'm sorry to hear that your family is going through hard times. I agree with you about babies being excellent helpers during difficult times. I am the RS president in our ward...I got the calling when I was 7 months pregnant with our fourth child. I wondered why the Lord needed me during, what for me, is a trying time--delivery and newborn baby phase. But shortly after my little Katelyn was born I had several experiences where having a newborn to pass around for others to hold was the perfect prescription to help brighten someones life. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing and our innocent little children are some of His best servants!

3in3mom said...

Our best to your family--It breaks my heart that your parents are going through this. What a treasure for them and your family to have this time to bond together. What a trooper Aaron is too for being the rock while you were away! They are in our prayers as are you.

And WAY TO GO Harmony! What a darling little girl.

Gary and Debbie Rex said...

Go, Harmony!! (I couldn't actually watch the video because, well, I still have the free dial-up - we're such cheap accountants) William is still working on rolling around his mass for now...:) I'm so sorry to hear about your father - we'll be praying for you all. Thanks, again for all the help with the blog!

Jacki said...

Hi Christina!! Thanks for your Christmas Card- I always love the update. Your blog is fun- I just started one a couple days ago. Sorry to hear about your Dad- I hope he's doing better!

Corrie said...

wowee she is one mover and groover!look out!

my almost 5 month twins are content with tummy time thank goodness!!!!

hope your fathers health improves



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