Friday, October 24, 2008

Identity Crisis?

As I drop the twins off at preschool this morning, I apologize to their teacher,

"They wore their nametags home last week, and now I can't find them."

"That's all right; if you can't find them by Monday, we'll make them new ones."

"I do feel bad, though. Of all the kids to lose their nametags, it would have to be the two who look exactly alike."

A few hours later, I walk in to pick them up. I notice Sarah right away, throwing a temper tantrum. "It's not here! My picture isn't in my cubby!" Stomp, stomp, glare, pout, "they said they'd put my picture in my cubby!" Stomp over to the books and start picking them and dropping them on the floor. She stops when I tell her how mean she is being, and goes back to pouting. I leave her to calm herself down while I go over to Allison.

Allison is fingerpainting on a picture that says, "Sarah Jane" on it. Ah ha! I've discovered the missing picture! "Is that one Sarah's?" I ask the two girls there.

"Yeah, for some reason, she wanted to do two today."

"Uh . . . this is Allison" I say, as I notice that there is another picture on the table that also says, "Sarah Jane" on it.

The two girls look at me like they're worried I'm about to yell at them. They start apologizing, "Oh, we thought this was Sarah." "They look exactly alike."

"Don't worry about it; I'm the one that forgot the name tags, " I reassure them.

"We wondered why she wanted to do this activity twice!" "We can change the name on it!"

Meanwhile, Allison is so engrossed in painting that she never notices that she's being mistaken for her mild-mannered alter-ego.

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