Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Overheard at the Library

Near the children's book section, little boy clutching spiderman book:

"But mommy, I want this!"

"Sweetie, we don't get books about spiderman because they have things we don't believe in them, like hitting and fighting."

"But I WANT it!"

20 minutes later, near the checkout section, boy still clutching book:

"But Spiderman saves the day!"

"I'm sorry, but we can't get books about Spiderman."

"But I WANT it!"

Disappointed little boy leaves with his mother. Allison notices the spiderman book, picks it up and says, "Oooo, Spiderman! Mommy, I want this book."

"Sure, okay."


Dan and Marci said...

Love the Library! It feels we have been checking out Dora and Disney Princess books for years (because we have). Finally we may be moving a little out of that stage and soon Brenna will follow and here we go again! Poor Parker knows much more about pretty princesses than he ever needed to--thank goodness for Mighty Trucks videos and hardhat Harry to balance him out a bit:)

swedemom said...

I think the mother just made Spiderman the forbidden fruit. Not only that, but boys have such a need to save the day and being told that it is wrong can be really hard for a little boy.

Josef loves Spiderman. And I like it too. I get why little boys love spiderman.

Mommy Matters said...

Oh man, I guess my boys should have beat each other into hamburger by now!? I'll have to stop the cycle and take half their books and toys away, oh, and the movies too.

This reminds me of Kent. For his
3rd bday he wanted an Apple Dumpling doll and weapons (as in guns and swords) - go figure?? He is still the same little boy today, super sweet and loving and then out pretending to go to war.


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