Sunday, September 21, 2008

A good reason to have kids in your forties

Today at Church I was talking to an sweet older couple who live near us. Here's about how the conversation went:

Wife (handing me back Harmony): "Oh, she's such a doll!"
Husband: "Do you still want a dozen?"
Me: "I don't know; we'll see how many come. I'm only 30, so we've got time."
Wife: "Oh, well, you do have time. You could have kids until you're 40 or 45."
Husband: "Oh, I don't know, 45 is pretty old to have kids."
Wife: "I don't think so, dear. Sue Ellen had her last baby at 45, and he wasn't even retarded!"


April said...

That is the funniest thing i've read in a while. Truely laughing out loud. Aren't older people great!?

Wizzard_MoM said...

I love it!! Although I don't know if I'd want to still be pregnant at 45!! In my family, at least, your a grandparent by about then, let alone still having your own. Too weird for me. But that is funny how they don't hold back on stuff. They truly are wise. I almost think that they go back to that "childlike" innocense (sp?) kind of.

April J. said...

Well, that is a good reason!? I laughed out loud at that, people are so funny!

K said...

You can't make stuff like that up! Awesome!

Mommy Matters said...

ROFL! What a great story.

swedemom said...



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