Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"But We are Sorry, Mommy"

Last Tuesday, the twins brought scissors with them to preschool. When we got home, they were playing quietly (too quietly, in retrospect) while I prepared lunch. When I called them to come to the table, there was an ominous silence. I called again. Sarah popped up from behind the couch and said, "We are cutting ours hair." Not again! I've been working for months to grow out Allison's bangs. They were finally getting long enough to pull back, and both she and Sarah looked cute, but different enough to make it easy for folks to tell them apart. With one swipe of the scissors, we're back to the beginning. It could have been worse. Back in November, just days before our family picture, they cut their hair back to the scalp. This time, Allison ended up with bangs about the same length as Sarah's, and Sarah cut a few odd "layers" into her hair. As I looked at their hair in display and sadness, Sarah said, "But we are sorry, mommy." Allison concurred, "We won't do it again!" What a life! Don't they look remorseful in the picture I got of them moments later?


~W E N D Y ~ said...

Oh Christina!! That has happened to me on a few different occasions. But wow, looking at them in the picture who would ever want to get mad at them, "for saving you some money and cutting their own hair."


That's just PRICELESS!!

Our little family said...

The twins are adorable. I like reading your blog. And Harmony is adorable as well. I've liked reading your tips on how to do things with a big family. How do you handle homework every day? I'm having a hard time with just one first grader. Plus, what do you think is appropriate for homework for a first grader? We're doing an hour a day which I think is ridiculous. But I'm a bit extreme, I don't think kids should have any homework in grade school until maybe fifth or sixth grade, and then just a little bit. Obviously they should be reading, but other than that, they should be playing outside. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Kim Jones

Christina said...


I didn't know you read my blog -- I'd love to email you if I could track down your email.

As to your questions, I like homework because it teaches responsibility, but I think it can go overboard. An hour a day is pretty overwhelming in first grade. Can you let the teacher know how long it's taking? Sometimes I don't think they realize how much they are really giving out unless confronted by it. My kids have math homework every day and usually some spelling or reading assignments, but it doesn't usually take them longer than 20 to 30 minutes, except for the reading, which they do at night before bed.


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