Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Arithmetic

This whole 7 kids thing is a bit of a new experience. I'm so used to 6. DH & I often take just a few kids with us when we run errands. I'll rush out the door and call, "I've got 4 -- you've got 2!" Or he'll run to Costco and say, "I've got 3 -- you've got 3." It's been pretty automatic. Which is why I'm finding myself counting wrong the past few days. On Monday, I was outside watching Joey and the twins ride bikes. I had baby Harmony as well and thought, "well, I've got 4 out here, so MIL only has 2." I was thinking how that wouldn't be enough kids to really get in the way of what she was doing (prepping some extra meals for us!), when I realized my mistake -- MIL did not have 2 inside, she had 3, and one of them was Eliza, who is into everything these days.

Same thing happened this morning. I did a quick run to Walmart and dropped some of the kids off at a friends' house to play. I was thinking I'd take 3 with me, so Rachel would only have 3. I had to fix my brain again as I realized I would be dropping off 4 and only taking 3. Somehow, 7 seems like so much more than 6.

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