Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cool Cars

So my friend Katie just posted about the new car they bought. I think it was cruel of her to make fun of big buses like that. =(

But perhaps she didn't know, since I haven't mentioned it, about OUR new vehicle:

YEP, it's a bus, not yellow, but maroon. It's old and a bit battered, particularly the driver's seat (I picture some big fat man driving it around the last 10 years), but it's in good shape, it was cheap enough that I get to keep my Toyota Sienna, and because it was owned by a hotel rather than a large family like ours, the seats are clean, the seatbelts are in good shape, there's no carseat marks or ketchup stains, and we get to break it in. It's currently in the shop getting some repairs made, then it's off for new tires before we load up the kids for our first test-run.

And actually, YES, I am excited about it. It seats 15, so we will certainly have room for the 9 of us come August.


K said...

All it's missing is racing stripes. I love it!

And we would have loved to buy a bus, but as bad as the gas mileage is, the insurance is horrible!

~W E N D Y ~ said...

WHOA Christina!! A BUS!! You aren't kidding. Hope you have fun driving it!!

Mommy Matters said...

I LOVE our 15 passenger van, but the gas is getting rather costly. We are buying an econo car to run errands in - we live 15+ miles from ANYWHERE!


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