Friday, May 09, 2008

I LOVE having older kids!

Little kids are fun, too, but it's so nice to see the older kids be so helpful. Michael turned 6 this week, so we told him he needs to start doing some more work around here (I know; we're so mean!). So two nights ago, we made him help Lillian with all the dishes. He's emptied the dishwasher before, but that's about it. Lillian was amazingly helpful and patient, teaching him about where all the dishes go in the dishwasher, how to clear off and wipe the table, and more. It's so nice that not all of that teaching rests on my shoulders.

Last night I went to classes at our Stake Enrichment Night on Home Organization and Time Management. I think I do pretty well at being organized. I like to clean out and throw away and keep on top of things. But now that it's spring, I feel I spend all my time outside with my kids. We don't have a fence and I don't think it's in the budget to get one this year, so I need to be with the little ones when they're outside. I feel like a good mom letting them play outside so much, but it does cut into time I'd like to have for cleaning, cooking, scrapbooking, and designing. On the other hand, I'm getting lots of weeding done, and the past two days, Allison & Sarah have been patient weeders right alongside me. They were so enthusiastic and cute about it -- "Is this a weed?" "Did I do it right?" "Yay!" Every weed they pulled with the root attached was a cause for a celebration -- they'd show it to me and clap for themselves. I thought they'd lose interest after a few minutes, but nope, they stuck with it. It's nice to see them blossoming into little girls who might actually be helpful one of these days. They've been such a challenge to raise, especially during their "Terrible Two Twinadoes" phase. Things are so much easier now that they are nearing 4.

My yard is looking great and I'm so pleased with how pretty all the bulbs are that I planted last fall. I'm excited to get some more shrubs planted and buy a few more rose bushes for the front. We spent last summer without any landscaping, so it's exciting to be able to enjoy our yard and the outside.

Last year:

This year:


3in3mom said...

what a beautiful yard you are getting. All that time outside is sure paying off. I am excited to come by and see it next month ;0)

Mommy Matters said...

WOW! Nice job, what a difference a year makes. I noticed how much better our yard is this year too.


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