Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strange what you look forward to

In 3 months, my twins will turn 4! At this time four years ago, as my belly expanded and I felt the daily tug-of-wars going on inside, I REALLY looked forward to NOT being pregnant.

(Yep, that's me above at my oldest child's 5th birthday party, 2 and 1/2 months BEFORE the twins were born.)

Today, as I thoroughly cleaned out my van so we can all go to California this weekend, taking out three carseats, two boosters, tons of crayons, old drawings, broken pencils, dirty crumpled socks, several jackets, four and a half pairs of shoes, a library CD we'd lost and paid to replace just two weeks ago, large cracker crumbs, old zoo passes, and too much crud to mention, then vacuuming every inch of the car and wondering why in the world I let my kids have fruit snacks and crackers and Cheerios, I realized that in 3 short months, we can pull out two of those infant seats and put in booster seats instead. I know I'm strange, but I'm really looking forward to it! Of course, a month after that, we'll be putting in another carseat next to Eliza's, but hey, 2 is better than 3, right?


Mommy Matters said...

I fear cleaning my van, there's some scary stuff in the way, way back. I'd rather enter into a war zone! My oldest just got caught lying - his punishment - cleaning out the van!

3in3mom said...

just did that job! amazing what collects! We just got back from CA and had a wonderful time. . . hope you do too!

Luv, Chalice

~W E N D Y ~ said...

Oh gosh!! I cleaned my van a few weeks ago, and it was scary too!! It only seems to get like that during the winter time though, because it seems so COLD to do anything about it at the moment. I've also wondered about the cheerios, fruit snacks etc.. and would rather do that then listen to them scream for a while. I have to agree that two is better than three -- as far as the carseats go.

Kacy said...

I always look forward to the change in car seats too. I can't wait to turn Ellen around in a month.


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