Friday, October 13, 2006

An end in sight (hopefully!) . . .

We have a date! Well, sort of. Our builder has told us he will have everything done by the 25th (a Wednesday), and for sure by Friday the 27th! So, if all goes as planned (why am I slightly skeptical?), we should be moving in the weekend of the 28th. That just gives us two more weeks at the hotel.

Still up in the air is when Eliza will decide to be born. I'm due on November 1st, but I'm usually early and I'm already dilated & effaced quite a bit. My doctor will induce as soon as the 25th, but we are thinking we will cross our fingers and hope I can make it until Monday the 30th so I can help supervise the move that weekend.

Do you know how wonderful it will be to have a home again? The hotel isn't horrible, but we're feeling pretty cramped. Two weeks of rain didn't help much. Luckily, the last few days have been beautiful, and we've been to the park several times and also some museums and things, so life's looking better.

And things are happening at the house. The finish carpenters are almost done, and I've loved walking in and finding new things to love each time. We're going pretty basic on finish stuff -- just base molding everywhere, no crown. The only "fancy" thing is wainscoating (beadboard) in the living room. Still, it's awesome to see my closets go in and yesterday, my pantry was all done (I have SO much space there!). And just seeing the molding everywhere makes the house look like a home and not just a mess of drywall. DH has installed tons of his cabinets and hopes that he can finish the install job today or for sure tomorrow. They're just shells right now -- doors & drawers go in after countertops & paint -- but still, it's nice to walk in my kitchen and be able to imagine it finished. I helped with installing our kitchen island yesterday and I'm so excited about how large it is -- 4 feet wide by 8 feet long should give plenty of room for lots of cooks & plenty of interaction & counterspace. We've designed the home to accommodate a large family (with large gathering rooms and unfinished space to grow into), and it's so nice to see it coming together!

I need to get some better pictures taken and uploaded, but above are just a few from last week.

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